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Policy 022



Adopted: August 14, 2008

Employee Contact with the Media: 

Employees of the Library are absolutely free at any time to exercise statutory rights regarding contact with political representatives or the media. While it is the right of an employee to express personal opinions to the media or others, that right does not allow employees to speak as representatives of the Library.  Employees who express opinions to the media may not do so as representatives of the Library and may not use position titles associated with their employment in a way that suggests they are acting as representatives of the Library.  Contacts by employees with the media as representatives of the Library are restricted to those duly appointed by the Director as Library spokespersons. 

The Library will work with the Friends and local media to achieve our Public Relations Goals through a Publicity Committee. 

          Public relations goals of the Library are:  

To promote a good understanding of the Library's objectives and services among governing officials, civic leaders, and the general public. 

To promote active participation in the varied services offered by the Library to people of all ages.