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Policy 2018-1





Adopted: April 14, 2016

In the event of a natural disaster, economic failure or other event at a level

of intensity and duration sufficient to be considered as a catastrophe, the normal

policies and procedures shall be modified as conditions warrant for the duration of

the emergency.


The Library Director and/or Trustees able to assemble, shall declare an

emergency and authorize the Emergency Procedures to be put in operation.

If an emergency appears likely, the Board of Trustees shall authorize the

preparation of resources necessary to meet anticipated needs.


Major decisions may be made in the absence of a quorum by a consensus of

those Trustees able to assemble, with the approval of the Director, or the

most senior staff member able to attend.


If the Director is unable to attend to the Library, the Trustees in consultation

with the most senior staff shall appoint an Acting Director to conduct those



If there are open positions for Trustees, they shall be appointed ASAP, for a

temporary term until an election can be held.

Notification shall be given to the appropriate authorities as is practical.

The Trustees shall assemble to declare the emergency over as soon as is

practical. Normal governance shall then resume.


In the event of a community wide disaster, the Library building can serve as

a resource to aid recovery, given its communications and computer capability. If

needed in this regard, Library staff may be asked to assist in many ways. Priority

in services shall be given to aiding in the survival of the population and the

recovery of the community.


The Library may be used as a shelter, distribution center, or other required

use to meet these priorities. On an operational level, the Director, or the most

senior staff able to be present on site shall have full authority to manage the

Library. Cooperation with all responders will be made as far as is practical.

Protection of Library property shall also be a priority in any actions taken.