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Policy 2017-1



Adopted: January 14, 2016


Budget and Finance Committee

Reviews and makes recommendations to the Board regarding the annual budget as drafted by the Director for the committee’s consideration, and revisions

to it including ongoing expenditures and investments.

< Review financial procedures and policies annually and make recommendations to the board for changes as needed;

< Review with the Director the assumptions made in the annual budget and request information as appropriate;

< Coordinate activities with other committees as needed when those activities may impact budget projections or planning, for example

changes in benefits or personnel;

< Review library’s insurance coverage for adequacy;

< Yearly third-party CPA oversight (audit or review);

< Monthly review of collateralization;

< Quarterly analysis of finances.

The director is the staff liaison and will facilitate communication with the bookkeeper and auditor.


Planning and Personnel Committee

Recommends goals and policies for the Library based on community input and other strategic planning resources; reviews the long range (5 year) plan and the short term (1 year) plan and recommends timely revisions to the Board. Makes recommendations to the Board concerning personnel procedures.

< Prepare and review the library’s strategic plan

< Recommend annual goals to the board and monitor progress in connection with the overall plan and annual goals

< Review and make recommendations regarding the Director’s job description and evaluation procedure, salaries, benefits and other matters pertaining to staff and employment conditions

< Reviews and makes recommendations for changes to the Employee Handbook.


Facilities Committee

Provides oversight for the maintenance and management of library facilities and grounds, including facility infrastructure, parking lot light, library sign lighting and parking lot maintenance etc. Meets at least once a year, including an annual physical inspection and review of the library facilities.

< Facility planning and maintenance; cleaning schedules as required

< Advise the Town Board of any concerns regarding infrastructure and maintenance.


Policy Committee

Performs periodic review of the library’s bylaws; the recommendation of new policies, with the assistance of the Director, to the full Board; annual review

of policies for the purpose of assuring they remain compliant.