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Plattekill Public Library
    Social Media Use Policy      

Proposed 30 June 2014  Adopted APRIL 14, 2016

Social Media Use Policy
Social Media is defined as: blogs, other types of self-published online journals, and collaborative web-based discussion forums including, but not limited to, LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

Rules and Guidelines

I. General Rules and Guidelines
The following rules and guidelines apply to the use of social media, whether such use is for the Plattekill Public Library on library time, for personal use during non-work time, outside the workplace or during working time while using Employer owned equipment. 

These rules and guidelines apply to all employees.



II. Employer-Sponsored Social Media
Plattekill Public Library’s sponsored social media is used to: convey information about library products and services; advise patrons about library updates; obtain patron feedback; exchange ideas or trade insights about library trends; reach out to potential new markets; provide use and marketing support to raise awareness of Plattekill Public Library’s brand; issue or respond to breaking news, or respond to negative publicity; brainstorm with employees and patrons; and discuss library specific activities and events.

All such Plattekill Public Library-related social media is subject to the following rules and guidelines, in addition to rules and guidelines set forth above:

III. Personal Use of Social Media
The following rules and guidelines, in addition to the rules and guidelines set forth in section 1 above, apply to employee use of social media on the employee’s personal time.

IV. Employer Monitoring
Plattekill Public Library reserves the right to monitor employees’ use of social media including but not limited to statements/comments posted on the Internet, in blogs and other types of openly accessible forums, diaries, and personal and business discussion forums.

Employees should have no expectation of privacy while using library equipment and facilities for any purpose, including the use of social media. Plattekill Public Library reserves the right to monitor, review, and block content that violates the Plattekill Public Library‘s rules and guidelines.


V. Violations
Plattekill Public Library will investigate and respond to all reports of violations of these rules and guidelines or related library policies or rules. Employees are urged to report any violations of this policy to the Library Director. A violation of this policy may result in discipline up to and including termination of employment.