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Policy 41




Debit Card Policy 

Adopted: June 11, 2015 Page 1 of 1 

The purpose of this policy is to insure proper use of minor funds released by the Board in advance of monthly audits for the efficient and proper purchase of items for Library operations. 

The Board shall appoint the Plattekill Public Library Director to be the custodian for the Library’s Debit Card account, and the Director shall administer and be responsible for the security of the funds and the control of disbursements. 

The amount of money in this account shall be maintained at not less than $1000, nor more than $3,000, except as directed by Board resolution. 

Only the Director may make purchases in person with this card. Only the Director or the Library Assistant shall make on-line purchases. All receipts shall be given to the bookkeeper for record keeping.  No cash payments shall be made, nor checks written on this account, without the express approval of the Director.