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Policy 019




Adopted: August 14, 2008

Age, race, creed, color, gender, sexual orientation or national origin shall never be grounds for failure to employ any applicant. 

All appointments to the staff are made for probationary periods of 6 weeks and 26 weeks, at the end of which evaluations of performance will be made, by the Director and the employee's Supervisor, and then submitted to the Personnel Committee of the Library's Board of Trustees. An employee may be released for incompetence or misconduct at any time during the probationary period, or dismissed at 6 weeks or 26 weeks on the discretion of the Director. 

An evaluation of the Director will take place at the end of a probation period of 26 weeks.  This evaluation is to be carried out by the Personnel Committee of the Board of Trustees.  

The Director shall meet with each employee at least once a year for evaluation purposes.  One copy of the result of this evaluation shall be kept on file and a copy shall be given to the employee. 

Following the satisfactory completion of the probationary period, the employment of a full-time staff member, unless appointed on a temporary basis, carries with it all possible assurance of continuous employment as long as the staff member performs the duties assigned and in accordance with the policies of the Library. In the case of termination of services, on the part of the employer, an employee will receive two weeks notice. In return, the employee is expected to give the Library the same notice, except in the case of illness or family emergency. In the case of gross misconduct on the part of the employee, immediate termination will take place. 

Civil Service law shall be followed notwithstanding any of the above policies. 

The Employee Handbook contains the remaining employment policies and details of procedures, and shall be given to all new employees and a signed statement of receipt shall be placed on file.