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( Reviewed Dec. 2015, Feb 2016, Feb, 2017)





Alphabetical Listing of Policies: #
Americans With Disabilities Act Compliance  
Audit and Review Policy 011
Capital Reserve 002
Challenged Materials
Check Acceptance
Code of Ethics 026
Committies (Reorganization of) 2017-1
Conflict of Interest  040
Collection Development 
Contingency Fund 007
Continuing Education
Continuity of Operations
Copier-Copyright Policy
Debit Card
Disposition of Surplus Property
Equipment Lending
Fixed Assets
Freedom to Read
Freedom to View
Gifts and Donations
Internet Use
Investment   016
Law Enforcement Inquiry
Off-Site Work
Patron Code of Conduct
Personnel 019
Petty Cash 
Public Posting
Public Relations
Records Retention
Safe Child
Sexual Harassment 2019-1
Social Media Use
Video Surveillance  2019-2
Whistleblower 031
Wireless Internet Access
Workplace Safety