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Policy 004



Adopted: February 20, 2014 Page 1 of 1 

Revised: February 11, 2016 

You must have a Plattekill Public Library borrower’s account in good standing to be able to use a check as a payment method. 

We only accept checks denominated in U.S. dollars and drawn on a U.S. bank.  Checks must also have a valid, nine-digit bank routing number (ABA code) MICR-encoded on the bottom of the check.  All checks must have the borrower’s current name and address printed on the check.  We cannot accept starter checks or checks with names and/or addresses handwritten or typed in. 

A valid, legal form of photo identification must be provided upon request to verify account ownership.  A phone number at which you may be contacted will also be requested at this time. 

In the event that a check written to Plattekill Public Library is returned unpaid by your bank, Plattekill Public Library reserves the right to charge the current Returned Check Fee. 

If the Library is unable to collect the amount of the check plus the ReturnedCheck Fee from you or your bank, these will be considered a debt owed to the Library and will be added onto your Library record.  Borrowing and other library privileges may be suspended until payment is made to the Library in accordance with standard library lending policy. 

Plattekill Public Library reserves the right to refuse a check as a payment method if a previous check has been returned unpaid. 

Personal checks for amounts over $75.00 are not accepted. 

Payments for fines and charges over $75.00 must be paid in Cash or with a Money Order; Travelers Check or bank (Cashier’s) check.