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MeetingsUsually at 1pm on the 3rd Saturday of the month; usually held  at the PHPS Headquarters, 
127 Church St., Plattekill, 12568

In January, February and March, meetings are at the Clintondale Fire Department, at 1 pm.  Rt. 44-55 Clintondale NY 12515. 


Contact:   Shirley Anson, 883-6118 


For more information, call (845) 883-6118, email plattekillhistoricalsociety@gmail.com or visit the Plattekill Historical Society page on Facebook.

Plattekill Historical Preservation Society

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 Hudson River Valley Heritage Project- Plattekill

Hudson Valley History in Pictures
The Plattekill Historical Preservation Society is a contributor to the  Hudson River Valley Heritage project through a joint membership with the Plattekill Public Library in the Southeastern New York Library Resources Council.  Photographs, postcards, manuscripts, etc.  


Photo:At Plattekill Day 

And Note the Klyne Esopus Museum, located in Ulster Park, New York


     Memberships are $12 per person and $15 for a family, payable to The Plattekill Historical Preservation Society, P.O. Box 250, Clintondale NY 12515.   

     One years membership covers from January 1st through December 31st.

     If you are willing and able to receive your notices via email, this saves the Society the price of paper and postage and cuts down on your paperwork as well as ours!

     Members at the same address will receive one mailing unless we are notified otherwise.




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