Craft & Hobby now available!

Unlock Your Creativity With Craft & Hobby

Have you always wanted to express your artistry through quilting? Do you take promising photos of nature and want to finetune your skills in lighting and composing your shots?

Using your library card, you can access high-quality video instruction in a wide variety of crafts, hobbies, and interests through a new online service, Craft & Hobby. This offering, designed specifically for libraries, allows patrons to watch and learn from experts on-demand.

With Craft & Hobby, patrons can learn at one’s own pace with step-by-step tutorials in a large array of lessons and demonstrations. Develop new hobbies, hone skills and talents further, and create masterful handmade projects. The do-it-yourself online modules span a range of 20 different categories, including sewing, knitting, cake decorating, crochet, quilting, fitness, painting and drawing, outdoor photography, woodworking, and more. Craft & Hobby contains more than 4,000 hours of high-quality video instruction with opportunities to acquire or advance your skills and abilities.

Craft & Hobby includes the Craftsy catalogue and Craftsy in Español. Master the basics of handcrafted candy with candy entrepreneur and author Jami Curl. Want to take your phone pictures to the next level? Android expert Joshua Vergara, in Android-ography: Photos, Videos and More, provides seven lessons that walk through not only a phone’s camera basics but editing capabilities, apps, and add-ons.

This is just a peek at the many video tutorials patrons can find through Craft & Hobby. Check out Craft & Hobby through the Plattekill Library website, under the Learn – Craft Classes link, and log in with your library card:

For patrons who have questions or want assistance in exploring Craft & Hobby, call the library or stop in. A great project or new hobby is at your fingertips!


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