Children’s Book Bundles now available

Try a Children’s Book Bundle:

Your 10-year-old has become fascinated with sharks and wants to read everything she can on them. Yet your own busy schedule precludes getting to the library today and maybe even
tomorrow to browse the shelves. What to do?

We have the answer: Did you know that the Plattekill Public Library offers Children’s Book Bundles for You?

Through this service, you can use the library’s online form to submit a request for a customized bundle of up to 5 children’s books on a subject or genre, based on your child’s age group and
reading level. Library staff members will select books to match your request, place them in a bundle, and have them ready for you to pick up.

This service is available to all Plattekill Library patrons who have a card.
Here’s how to request a Children’s Book Bundle:
Access the online form here.

Provide your name and email address.

Select the option for your child’s age group/type of books such as board books: newborn to age 3; picture books: ages 3-8; early, leveled readers: ages 5-9; first chapter books:
ages 6-9 or 7-10; and middle-grade books: ages 8-12.

 Choose the preferred subjects/genres. If it is not on the list, use the additional online
form for “other genres.”

Indicate “yes” or “no” for whether you would like the library to place the bundle on hold.

Fill in the comment box with any additional information you think would be helpful in
creating your child’s Book Bundle.

The library will notify you when the Book Bundle is ready.

Have any questions or need additional help? Send an email or call the library at (845) 883-7286.
We’re eager to find some wonderful books for your child!


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