Top Ten Reasons to Support Plattekill Public Library


Did you know that in 2005,


10. Plattekill Library SAVED our community $451, 300 by sharing items with community members.*


9. Plattekill Library offered the most programs (513 in all) of all the MHLS libraries in Ulster County!


8. 4,702 people attended programs at the Plattekill Library, saving community members $37, 616 in family entertainment costs.**


7. Plattekill Library offered over $4,802.50 in reference services to your community***.


6. Plattekill Library had 19,969 books, 1,141 audio materials and 1,462 videos available for you to check out.


5. Plattekill Library had four internet terminals for you to use.


4. Plattekill Library offered FREE homework assistance for children and teens.


3. Plattekill Library offered 135 young adult programs—the most of any MHLS Library in Ulster County!


2. 173 children enjoyed this year’s summer reading program.


1. Plattekill Library clearly enriched and continues to enrich the lives of all its patrons!


*Based on $20 an item.

** Based on $8 per ticket.

*** Based on Google Answers charge of $2.50 per question.