Plattekill Public Library

Board of Trustees

May 8, 2014


The meeting was called to order at 7:02PM with the Pledge of Allegiance.


Present were: Lynne Ridgeway, President; Valerie Smith, Vice President; Keith Canfield, Treasurer David Padilla, Trustee; Joe Egan, Trustee; John Georghiou, Director; Donna Ebanks, Secretary.


Will Farrell arrived late and Karen Adamson is excused.


Additions to the Agenda



Public Comment:






Secretary’s Report:


           Motion to accept the minutes of April 10, 2014 was made by Joe Egan and seconded by David Padilla; Keith Canfield abstained and all others were in favor.


Financial Report:


           Motion to approve payment of the bills pending audit was made by David Padilla and seconded by Joe Egan; all others were in favor.


Director’s Report:

Was read and discussed


Will Farrell arrived at 7:18PM


Items of note:








           Motion to authorize the expenditure of an additional $59 by John, for the purchase of a new computer, was made by Joe Egan and seconded by David Padilla; all others were in favor.


                Committee Reports:


                A Budget Committee meeting must be scheduled for the near future to begin planning the 2015 budget.  


Unfinished Business:            

New Library Building Site


Review of Inspectors Visit

Bud Going, the inspector contracted to perform the Phase 1 ESA of the proposed new building site, began his evaluations on Monday, May 5, 2014.


Preliminary examination did not reveal any major environmental issues.


Mr. Going found there to be three oil tanks on the property, one of which was not visible and he is not certain of its location.


A portion of the basement was found to be flooded.  The absence of any sheen on the surface of the water indicates that there is not any oil leaking inside of the building.


There is a non-operational sump pump in the building.


Mr. Going recommends the Board perform phases of a Phase 2 ESA, as they are deemed necessary, including soil/crud sampling of the presumed dirt floor, as well as sampling of the tiles for asbestos.


The trailer that is on the property has two oil tanks connected to it.


Mr. Going requested anyone with historical knowledge of the building email him that information.  He also spoke with the realtor representing the sellers and asked her to gather information from the seller, if possible.  Mr. Going will do research at the Town hall as well.


The inspector recommends the Board hire a structural engineer before contracting any other consultants.

New Library Building Site:

Continuation of discussion


Will informed the Board he had a discussion with Guy Kempe , Vice President of Community Development for RUPCO.  Mr. Kempe suggested it would be prudent to hire an architectural engineer and emailed Will a list of firms offering these services.  Will is awaiting a return call from one of these firms and will contact others to compare pricing of services.  Lynne stated it was essential Board members relay as quickly as possible all information they obtain regarding the building project.


Additionally, Valerie noted that Jolanda G. Jansen PE, JD Civil Engineer has been referred to her.  Ms Jansen would do a preliminary inspection for $500, and then follow through with recommendations for whatever additional phases of inspection should be performed.  Bud Going should also be consulted for recommendations for a structural engineer.


Discussion determined the Board must decide how they are going to manage the approval process for the issues under discussion.   Because the proposed closing date is on the agenda for the next Board meeting on June 8, it is essential the Board establish a committee that will meet weekly to maintain continuity of the project.  Information regarding costs, fees, and evaluations from inspectors will be relayed via email, and a minimum group of five Board members will meet routinely at a specified time for the purpose of voting on these items.  The establishment of this committee was unresolved.  At this meeting it was decided that cost quotes and proposals from architectural engineers and asbestos consultants are first priority at this time.  It was also noted that Bud Going stated should he find an underground oil tank, it would be necessary to perform soil sampling tests.  Mr. Going advised the Board request the seller remove the underground oil tanks as soon as possible, so that soil sampling could be done at that time, by the seller, during the remediation process.  Further discussion determined the Board would meet on Monday, May 19 at 7PM to vote on the proposed quotes.



Unfinished Business (continued)


Will Farrell volunteered to act as the Board liaison to the Friends of the Plattekill Public Library.  The liaison will attend the Friends meetings, which are held the first Thursday of each month.


New Business:


           The following resolution was made by Valerie Smith: Whereas the adoption of the 2015 budget for the Plattekill Public Library may require a tax levy increase that exceeds the tax cap imposed by state laws outlined in general municipal law Section 3-C expressly permits the Library Board to override the tax levy limit by a resolution approved by a vote of sixty-percent of qualified Board members now therefore be it resolved that the Board of Trustees of the Plattekill Public Library voted and approved to exceed the tax levy limit for 2015 by at least the sixty-percent of the Board of Trustees as required by state law on May 8, 2014. Board members Keith Canfield, Lynne Ridgeway, and Valerie Smith approved this resolution.  The following Board members were opposed: Joe Egan, Will Farrell and David Padilla.  Motion failed.


Joe Egan left at 8:30PM


The venue for the Board retreat was not established at this meeting due to conflicting schedules of Board members.  Keith stated he would try to get May 31st off from work.  Rebekkah-Smith Aldrich of MHLS will be facilitating this retreat and she has strongly recommended the participation of all Board members.


Lynne addressed the question of Open Meetings Law regarding Committee Meetings.  According to an email she received from the Commissioner of Open Meetings, the Library is a governmental agency, and as such committee meetings are open to the public and notices must be posted for public awareness.  Members of the public may attend these meetings.  Minutes must be taken for these meetings as well.


Discussion ensued regarding writing press releases.  David stated he had shared a press release he wrote approximately a month ago with all Board members for their feedback, but had only received the feedback of two Board members.  Lynne suggested he review the feedback he did receive and determine if any or all of it should be incorporated into the original release.  Once this is done, the press release should be forwarded via email to all Board members for review.  David replied he would rewrite the press release per Lynne’s instructions and present it at the next Board meeting.  John offered that he would write a letter to Town Supervisor Joe Croce informing him of any upcoming press releases prior to their publication.


Will Farrell left at 8:44PM


John informed the Board the online public access catalog has been updated to include an enhancement known as Encore.  This enhancement adds many new tools to the search functions and information feedback that was already present in the catalog. Additionally, this new version of the catalog is able to retrieve peer-reviewed articles from databases the library system currently subscribes to.  This feature is particularly valuable for students doing research.


John updated Lynne on her request for an insurance estimate for covering the new building site.  The insurance agent has seen photographs of the site and has visited it personally but has not yet sent his estimate.


           Motion to authorize Valerie Smith to secure a venue for the Board retreat at a cost of $500 was made by Keith Canfield and seconded by David Padilla; all others were in favor.


NOTE: Due to the lack of a quorum, having had 2 members leave early, this motion is not valid.









           Motion was made to adjourn at 9:10.


Respectfully submitted,




Donna Ebanks


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