Plattekill Public Library 

Board of Trustees 

March 13, 2014 

The meeting was called to order at 7:03PM with the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Present were:Lynne Ridgeway, President; Valerie Smith, Vice President; Keith Canfield, Treasurer; Karen Adamson, Assistant Treasurer; David Padilla, Trustee; Will Farrell, Trustee; John Georghiou, Director; Donna Ebanks, Secretary. 

Public Comment: 



Lynne read a thank you note sent to the Library from a student that had recently been proctored at the Library for a test.  This student indicated that she was very pleased the Library was able to accommodate her needs. 

Secretary’s Report: 

→Motion to accept the minutes of February 20, 2014 was made by Karen Adamson and seconded by Valerie Smith; Joe Egan abstained and all others were in favor. 

Financial Report: 

Keith reported that the annual report has been completed and submitted on time. During further discussion, Will noted he recently had an opportunity to discuss the Library’s banking needs with the district supervisor for M&T Bank and recommended that Lynne contact this supervisor; Will will supply Lynne with the contact information. 

→Motion to approve payment of the bills pending audit was made by Joe Egan and seconded by David Padilla.  All others were in favor. 

Director’s Report: 

Discussion ensued regarding the lack of participation by the public in the Library’s annual Parents as Reading Partners (PARP) program.  PARP is initiated through the local elementary schools in an effort to encourage children and families to read.  PARP takes place over several weeks during the month of February; the Library offers children the opportunity to be read to by a staff member or vice versa.   

Committee Reports: 

Planning and Operations Committee: 

The Board continued the tabled discussion of an Internet policy for the Library.   Several Board members reached out to Rebekkah Smith Aldrich of MHLS for recommendations and suggestions.  The following items were part of the discussion by all Board members and the Library Director: 


Valerie stated the Board needs to provide a policy the Library staff can implement, and Keith added that the Board should include language in the policy that covers the Library’s right to request patrons not view objectionable internet sites. 

The Planning and Operations committee should schedule a meeting 

Public Relations Committee: 

The Public Relations committee met on March 3 and determined that the Board and Library Director need to develop a statement for a press release to eliminate misinformation the public may be receiving regarding the Library’s plan to purchase a new building.  Lynne requested the committee formulate a press release for the next meeting.  David stated he would draft a statement and email it to all Board members and the Director for review and revisions. 

The PR committee also discussed the possibility of the Library doing programs at the Town camp this coming summer. 

Unfinished Business: 

Report on New Library Building Site: 

Lynne reported that the seller’s attorneys have had the contract for a month; as such she contacted the Library’s real estate agent and requested that a follow-up be done.  Our agent reported back to Lynne that the Library should have the revised contracts back by Friday, March 14. 

All Board members indicated they are in agreement with posting on the Internet the minutes of the monthly Board meetings.  

David noted that the Library should consider revising the policy that states children may be issued a Plattekill Library card upon completing kindergarten.  Discussion included the fact that the Plattekill Elementary school does a kindergarten orientation for children entering kindergarten and their parents; perhaps offering a library card to these students would further a positive perception of the Library.  

Lynne reported that at the Annual Essential Trustee Training session she attended she was informed all committees are supposed to keep minutes.  Minutes from these meetings should include the major points and recommendations that were discussed.  Committee meeting minutes should be given to the Board secretary for filing.  Additionally, Lynne noted that committees must publicly post the date, time, and location of their meetings. 

David suggested that a yearly Public Relations calendar be created for distribution to the public.   

Additionally, David suggested the Library reach out to the Town Board and ask for the opportunity to be on their agenda.  Previous Board meetings did include this topic, and it was determined that the Library would be present at either the April or May Town Board meeting.  Larry Farrelly should be contacted to set a date for a Library representative to attend one of the two monthly Town Board meetings. 

Will informed the Board that once the weather is warmer the Boy Scouts would continue their work on the walkway in the front of the Library.  They will be moving the mailbox slightly further down the driveway, and eliminating all but one of the three planters that currently exist on the walkway.  The Boy Scouts will also complete the work they have been doing around the flagpole; this will include planting flowers.  Additionally, Will discussed the possibility of more lighting in the Library parking lot. 

Lynne noted that the Library was not able to have a representative at Library Advocacy Day that took place on February 27.  

The MHLS Legal Issues workshop is Tuesday, March 18 at 6pm.  Board members may register on line at calendar.midhudson.org. 

The next UCLA meeting is April 9, at 10am to noon at the Esopus Library. 

New Business: 

Valerie stated that she would like John to check into the cost of insurance for the possible new building before renovations are begun.  


→Meeting adjourned at 8:45PM. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Donna Ebanks 


Attachments filed with original: Agenda 

Bookkeeper’s Summary 

Director’s Report 

PPL Collection Development Policy (proposed) document