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Plattekill Public Library Board of Trustees – November 9, 2017 Page 1 of 3

Plattekill Public Library

Board of Trustees

November 9, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Present were: Lynne Ridgeway, President; Valerie Smith, Vice President; Karen Adamson, Trustee; Will Farrell, Trustee; David Padilla; Trustee; Joe Egan, Trustee; Luz Ledesma, Trustee; John Georghiou, Director; Barbara Jacobini, Treasurer; Donna Ebanks, Secretary

Members of the public: Dwight Dougherty; Laura Dougherty

President Ridgeway administered the Oath of Office to Board Secretary Donna Ebanks.

Public Comment:




Secretarys Report:

→ Motion to accept the October 12, 2017 regular Board meeting minutes as amended to include D. Padilla’s statement, was made by Luz Ledesma and seconded by Karen Adamson.

Yay: L. Ridgeway; K. Adamson; L. Ledesma; W. Farrell; J. Egan; D. Padilla

Nay: V. Smith

Motion Passed

David asked that the October minutes be amended to include the following sentence:

David stated that it has been 3 months since the preliminary audit was completed by the NYS Comptrollers’ office and the Board has not yet engaged in a discussion with the Director regarding the results.

Other discussion:

David requested that John have all invoices for Library purchases and documentation for grant money that was awarded during the years for which the Library was audited available for the Board to review at the next (December) Board meeting. Barbara recommended this request be postponed to the January 2018 meeting, as there is a high volume of work to be completed in December for the year end reports.

The Board engaged in a discussion regarding the NYS Comptroller’s audit and the required corrective actions. Barbara said that she has started on a plan for compliance as recommended by the Comptroller’s report; however, some points must be resolved in a Budget & Finance Committee meeting. Plattekill Public Library Board of Trustees – November 9, 2017 Page 2 of 3

Financial Report:

Barbara reviewed the report for the Board.

David requested to see the actual dollar amount bank balance of the 2017 budget money before the 2018 tax levy check is deposited. The bookkeeper’s summary reflects this number as well.

→ Motion to add the premiums for the Family Leave Act benefits for eligible Library employees to the disability insurance payable by the Library as per the NYS schedule was made by Valerie Smith and seconded by Karen Adamson; all others were in favor.

→ Motion to authorize the NYS retirement payment was made by Valerie Smith

Motion withdrawn.

→ Motion to approve the following new purchase orders as listed:

Baker & Taylor - $20,000

MVP - $2,299.86 (Dec 2017 only)

Overdrive – Advantage 3-books account - $1,100.00

ID Label – barcodes - $260.00

Demco – processing & library supplies - $200.00

was made by Will Farrell and seconded by Luz Ledesma; all others were in favor.

At approximately 7:50pm, Joe Egan announced he was leaving to attend meeting at Town Hall and would return as soon as possible.

→ Motion to approve the payroll for the past month was made by Valerie Smith and seconded by Karen Adamson; all others were in favor.

→ Motion to approve the checks pending audit was made by Karen Adamson and seconded by David Padilla; all others were in favor.

Directors Report:

The Directors report was read and discussed.

Committee Reports:

The following committees should plan to meet:

Budget & Finance


Planning & Personnel

Lynne will communicate via Doodle to determine availability of committee members.

Unfinished Business: Plattekill Public Library Board of Trustees November 9, 2017 Page 3 of 3

Will requested to be on the Planning & Personnel and Budget & Finance committees and asked that meetings be scheduled according to all members’ availability.

→ Motion to approve the committee appointments as amended was made by Valerie Smith and seconded by Karen Adamson.

Motion withdrawn.

The structural engineers report was sent via email by Lynne to all Board members and the Library’s attorney. She requested that discussion of the report be held in abeyance until she receives a response from the attorney.

Board effectiveness was delayed for discussion due to Joe Egan’s temporary absence.

New Business:

Will reported that at the October 19, 2017 Friends meeting, the Friends agreed to give the Library funding for items they had requested. They are also working on fundraising ideas and a membership drive.

→ Motion to enter into Executive Session at 8:20pm with the Director’s participation to have a discussion about matters involving potential litigation and a real estate transaction that may affect its value and then without the Director’s participation to discuss a personnel matter involving evaluation of performance about a specific individual was made by Valerie Smith and seconded by

Will Farrell; all others were in favor.

Joe Egan returned to the meeting at approximately 8:25pm.

The Board came out of Executive session at 10:04.


Motion to adjourn was made by David Padilla at 10:05.

Respectfully submitted by:

Donna Ebanks