Plattekill Public Library 

Board of Trustees 

May 12, 2016 


The meeting was called to order at 7:00PM with the Pledge of Allegiance. 


Present were:Lynne Ridgeway, President; Valerie Smith, Vice President; Karen Adamson, Trustee ; Will Farrell, Trustee; Luz Ledesma, Trustee; John Georghiou, Director; Barbara Jacobini, Treasurer; Donna Ebanks, Secretary 


Guest: Julie Kelsall-Dempsey, Director of the Highland Public Library 




Julie Kelsall-Dempsey was introduced to the Board and began a discussion about her Library’s experience in seeking support from the community for a new library building project. 


7:05 PM: David Padilla arrived 

7:07 PM: Joe Egan arrived 


The following points were discussed in detail: 



Question: Was the purchase price included in the bond? 

JKD:  Yes, it was. 


Question: Who informed you about each step of the process? 

JKD: The architect Paul Mays as he has extensive background and experience in this area. 


Question: How do you decide what is to be used to reduce the bond? 

JKD: We told the public we would be seeking grants. 


Ongoing fundraising project: Tiles are being sold for children to personalize with their own artwork.  These tiles will be used in the décor of the children’s restroom in the new Highland Library building. 

Bonus: Assemblyman Frank Skartados gave the Highland Library double the amount he had specified would be given for the new children’s room. 


Public Comment: 





Letter from Susan Spaulding, of the knit and crochet group, informing the Board the group will be making hats and scarves for the purpose of a raffle.  All money received from the raffle will go to the Library’s Building Fund. 


Secretary’s Report: 


→Motion to accept the minutes of the April 14th Board of Trustees meeting was made by Will Farrell and seconded by Karen Adamson; all others were in favor. 


Financial Report: 

Treasurer Barbara Jacobini reviewed the report for the Board 


Items of note: 


Joe Egan noted $2,300 expenditure under miscellaneous expenses and requested a list of those purchases; Barbara will email Joe this information. 


Nugent & Haeussler survey: Barbara will ask the accounting firm to email the survey to David Padilla and Will Farrell so they may complete it online and return it via email. 


7:55 – Joe Egan left the meeting. 


The 990 and AUD forms have been completed and filed by Nugent & Haeussler.  


The Budget and Finance Committee met on May 11 and the consensus recommendation is a 1% increase for this year’s budget vote.  But since only one committee member was present another meeting will be scheduled. 


→ Motion to approve paying the bills pending audit was made by David Padilla and seconded by Luz Ledesma; all others were in favor. 


→ Motion to approve the payroll was made by Luz Ledesma and seconded by David Padilla; all others were in favor 





Director’s Report: 

Was read and discussed. 


The Director reviewed the Active Shooter class he attended.   


→ Motion to increase the pay rate of employee Tiffany Madison by .50 cents per hour, effective the next pay period, was made by Luz Ledesma and seconded by Karen Adamson; all others were in favor. 


The Library received a Microsoft Office Suite grant from Tech Soup valued at $11,000. 


8:15PM – Joe Egan returned to the meeting. 


The Director issued a report to the Community in 2015 and is currently working on this year’s report. 


John asked the Board to consider his request for a contract; he will supply the Board with a sample version for their review.  Currently the Director is without a contract beyond the employment statement on file from the year 2000.  Specifically, the contract should address the criteria for the Director’s evaluation and proper procedure for bringing problems to the Board’s attention. The Planning and Personnel Committee will meet to discuss these concerns. 


Lynne inquired about the completion status of Board member’s personal belief worksheets previously distributed to Board members.  This exercise is to assist the MHLS Marketing Advocacy Committee.  Only two Board members had completed the exercise. 


Committee Reports: 


The Budget & Finance Committee met on May 11, 2016.  Treasurer Barbara Jacobini distributed notes from that meeting.  


John has written to Senator Larking requesting a grant of $14,000 for: 


Lynne will email Board members to confirm dates for Planning and Personnel Committee and Budget & Finance Committees to meet. 


Unfinished Business: 


Discussion ensued regarding the following points: 


The Library will proceed with the lighting project and John will follow up with a letter to the Town Board with a statement that outlines the cost of the project. 


John noted according to the Town Highway Superintendent, the Library still has to get the approval of Town Supervisor Joe Croce for the lighting project. 


Lynne requested John’s letter to the Town Supervisor itemize the cost of two projects: parking lot lighting and repair of the pot holes in the parking lot. 


→Motion that the Library spend $525 plus $495 from the Friends, for a total of $1,020 to put new lights, one shining onto the parking lot and one shining onto the driveway was made by Will Farrell and seconded by David Padilla; all others were in favor. 


Lynne clarified the Planning and Personnel Committee’s recommendation for the Director’s raise.  This pay increase was intended to be retroactive from the first of the year 2016. 


→Motion to make the Director’s salary adjustment retroactive from the first of the year was made by Valerie Smith and seconded by Luz Ledesma; Joe Egan abstained and all others were in favor. 


New Business: 


Will Farrell – Friends Liaison 

Liaison Report of May Friends Meeting 


Karen Adamson noted a Library patron told her the Library’s Price is Right program was a huge success. 


Update on status of Library’s account with the Community Foundation: 


Lynne reported according to March Gallagher, President & CEO of Community Foundations of the Hudson Valley, the annual fee for the service we have been receiving from the Foundation has increased from $100 annually to $750 annually.  


Lynne recommended the Board remove their money from the Foundation and put it into the Library’s own Capital fund.  She is in receipt of a form that will allow her to remove the Library’s $6000 and then deposit it into the Capital Fund.  


→Motion to enter into Executive Session at 8:55pm, with the Director’s participation, to discuss two specific real estate transactions was made by Valerie Smith and seconded by Luz Ledesma; all others were in favor.  


The Board returned from Executive Session at 9:25pm. 


→Motion by Will Farrell, seconded by David Padilla to have Valerie Smith write a letter to  

be approved by the Board prior to being sent to the Town Board in answer to their letter  

of April 21; all in favor. 


→Motion by Will Farrell, seconded by Joe Egan not to close on the other property until August to give us time to investigate other options for properties.  Ayes: Will Farrell, Luz Ledesma, Joe Egan, David Padilla. Nays: Karen Adamson, Lynne Ridgeway, Valerie Smith. 


Adjourned at 9:53 PM 



Donna Ebanks 



Attachments filed with original:Agenda 

Bookkeeper’s Report 

Circulation Statistics 

Director’s Report