Plattekill Public Library

Board of Trustees

Plattekill Public Library

Board of Trustees

April 13, 2017


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance.


Present were:                Lynne Ridgeway, President; Valerie Smith, Vice President; Karen Adamson, Trustee; Will Farrell, Trustee; David Padilla, Trustee; Luz Ledesma, Trustee; Joe Egan, Trustee;  John Georghiou, Director; Barbara Jacobini, Treasurer; Donna Ebanks, Secretary


Guests: Town Councilwoman Cindy Delgado; Michelle Carballo; SUT Reporter Mark Reynolds


Public Comment:

Joe asked for a motion to rescind the option for the Board President to close on the now obsolete potential purchase of the Cider Mill property.


           Motion to rescind the authority for Lynne Ridgeway to close on the Cider Mill property was made by Joe Egan and seconded by Valerie Smith; all others were in favor.


Cindy Delgado asked if this motion confirms the Board does not intend to pursue a closing on the Cider Mill property and Joe Egan replied yes.  Cindy then asked if the Library Board is now serious in pursuing the purchase of the current Library property from the Town; Lynne replied yes.  Val stated this was decided last fall.


Mark Reynolds asked if the Board believed the implication was that since the Library’s attorney had received a check from the seller in the amount of their deposit, the Library was now in possession of their deposit money.  Mark noted that previous discussion indicated that when the attorney was asked who told him to put the check in a file, he replied the Board did.  Lynne said that she would seek further clarification during a conference call with the Library’s attorney that would be taking place at the end of the regular Board meeting. 



Thank you letter received from St. Charles Borromeo in Gardiner, thanking the Library for a donation of children’s books to their food pantry.  John explained that this donation was part of a grant that Barbara wrote.


Announcement of Town of Plattekill Memorial Day Parade to take place on Saturday, May 27, was received, which included an invitation to participate in the parade.


The Town Easter Egg hunt is Saturday, April 15 at Thomas Felten Park starting promptly at 11AM.


Secretary’s Report:


           Motion to accept the minutes of March 9, 2017 Board meeting was made by Will Farrell and seconded by Joe Egan; all others were in favor.


Financial Report:

Treasurer Barbara Jacobini reviewed the bookkeeper’s report for the Board.  She noted that checks from the February Board meeting (2/10/17 meeting was canceled due to inclement weather) were audited by Luz, and the remaining Board members who did not sign the warrant should initial the warrant of checks.


The Library’s independent audit by Nugent & Haeussler cannot be completed until all Board members’ survey letters are returned to Nugent & Haeussler.  They have completed the Library’s 990 exempt from income tax form.


The State Comptroller’s office is conducting a routine audit.


A donation of $50 was received from the artists who held the Art Show & Sale fundraiser on Saturday, April 1.


Upon review of the bookkeeper’s report, David inquired about the payment for the Verizon Select service as he believes this is a marketing tool; John said he would look into this.


           Motion to approve payment of the bills pending audit was made by David Padilla and seconded by Will Farrell; all others were in favor.


           Motion to approve payment of the payroll from last month was made by Valerie Smith and seconded by Luz Ledesma; all others were in favor.


           Motion to approve new purchase orders as itemized with the exception of one change from $185 to $200 was made by Will Farrell and seconded by Karen Adamson; all others were in favor.


Barbara noted that a motion was not needed to approve the prepared 990 form by N&H, but every Board member is required to review the completed form; John will send the 990 to all as a PDF.


Director’s Report

Was read and discussed.


Committee Reports:

The Policy Committee met on March 31, 2017 and recommends the Board accept the revised Audit and Review and Purchasing policies with changes as follows:

·         Change shall to may

·         Remove the title of Library Assistant


           Motion to adopt the revised Audit and Review and Purchasing policies as recommended was made by Valerie Smith and seconded by Luz Ledesma; all others were in favor.


Unfinished Business:

The Policy Committee has completed their audit of the policies and Lynne will send Barbara confirmation that all have been reviewed and approved.  Lynne will send electronic copies of the two new revised policies to all Board members and appropriate staff.  In the future only electronic copies of approved or revised policies will be sent as opposed to providing hardcopies to all.


The “Meet the Authors” Day Dinner on April 4 was attended by Luz, Valerie, and Will.


New Business:


Joe asked Lynne what the obligation of Board members is should they find themselves together in a gathering outside of an official meeting, and they complete a quorum.  Lynne replied they should not talk about Library Board business. Joe asked that if four Board members together would be a quorum, is there not an obligation to inform other Board members? A discussion ensued as to the exact number of Board members needed to make a quorum as our Bylaws specify five members as a quorum.  Lynne will contact MHLS for clarification.


Will stated that there have been problems with Executive Session because notes are not taken, and without a secretary present, decisions and motions that were affirmed during the session do not end up being recorded in the minutes.  Other Board members denied that votes were taken in Executive Session.




                                Motion to adjourn was made at 8:10PM by Valerie Smith and seconded by Luz Ledesma.



Respectfully submitted by:



Donna Ebanks



Attachments filed with original:                Agenda

Bookkeeper’s Report

Director’s Report