Plattekill Public Library

Board of Trustees

November 10, 2016


Plattekill Public Library

Board of Trustees

November 10, 2016


The meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance.


Present were: Lynne Ridgeway, President; Karen Adamson, Assistant Treasurer; David Padilla, Trustee; Luz Ledesma, Trustee; John Georghiou, Director; Barbara Jacobini, Treasurer; Donna Ebanks, Secretary


Valerie Smith and Joe Egan were excused.

Guests: Town Councilwoman Cindy Delgado, Jose Delgado, SUT Reporter Mark Reynolds, Bob Earl


Public Comment:


Mark Reynolds asked if the Board has ever considered adding another Public Comment period at the end of the meeting.  Lynne commented that we had not, but continued that the Town Board only has a Public Comment at the beginning of the meeting.  Cindy Delgado stated that is the case but the Town Board is pretty lax about keeping Public Comments only to the begining of their meeting




Secretary’s Report:


→ Motion to approve the minutes of the October 13 meeting was made by Karen Adamson and seconded by Luz Ledesma; all others were in favor.


Financial Report:

Was read and discussed. 


The warrant of checks was circulated for signatures.  Barbara noted the budget vs. actual report indicates the budget is on track as planned.  


→ Motion to approve payment of the bills pending audit was made by Luz Ledesma and seconded by Will Farrell; all others were in favor.


→ Motion to approve the October payroll was made by Karen Adamson and seconded by Luz Ledesma; all others were in favor.


Director’s Report:

Was read and discussed.

John reported that there is approximately $3000 left from the Larkin grant; $550 will be used to install an additional parking lot light. 


Committee Reports:


The Planning and Personnel report for the meeting on November 8 was cancelled due to illness. 


Unfinished Business: 


→ Motion to approve the Committee appointments as stated on the listing was made by Karen Adamson and seconded by Luz Ledesma; all others were in favor. 


Lynne inquired about the proper operating function of the newly installed light over the Community Room, door as it to continually turns on and off. Will noted the light should always be on once it is dark outside; the electrician is aware of the problem and will reset the light.


In response to Will’s inquiry, John reported that he has an estimate for the cost of illuminating the outside sign and security cameras.  


Will thanked the Town for the excellent work that was done in repaving the parking lot.  Councilwoman Delgado said she would relay the message to the Town Highway Department. 


New Business:

Lynne requested the Board review the proposed Official Calendar for 2017 as presented.


→ Motion to accept the proposed 2017 Official Calendar was made by Luz Ledesma and seconded by Will Farrell; David abstained and all others were in favor.  


Will was unable to report on the Friends meeting as it was rescheduled and coincided with the Board meeting. 


John noted the new automation agreement from MHLS needs to be signed as it is due in December;

he will send out the email version to all Board members.  John also informed the Board that the new Trustee Handbook is available and lists the duties of the Treasurer in its new appendix

The motion for Executive Session, as indicated on the agenda, was called for by Lynne. Will noted his Exploratory Committee report did not contain information that would affect a real estate transaction.  Lynne asked Town Councilwoman Delgado if she has discussed in public that which was discussed in the Exploratory Committee meetings.  Will inserted that this information has been discussed in open meetings.  Will replied that a written report had been requested by the Board but not been submitted prior to this meeting.  Therefore he presented his report in the open meeting. 

Mark Reynolds, reporter for the Southern Ulster Times, asked why the Board would go into Executive Session to discuss the cost of the current Library property if they did as yet have an asking price from the Town.   John advised that Lynne wanted to brief the Board on information that was of a legal nature  and Lynne advised that the wording of the motion was from the Library’s attorney.  Mr. Reynolds noted once again the Library still did not have an opinion about the cost.  


→ Motion to enter into Executive Session at 7:40pm with the Director’s participation and the Secretary’s attendance, to have a discussion about real estate transactions that may affect their value was made by Luz Ledesma and seconded by David Padilla; all others were in favor.




→ Motion made at 8:10 to end Executive Session was made by David Padilla and seconded by Karen Adamson; all others were in favor. 



Whereas, the Board contracted to buy certain property at 2032 Route 32, Modena, New York (the “Property”) from Vincent Peter Nemeth (the “Seller”) by Contract of Sale dated April 14, 2014, and

Whereas, after the Board attempted to schedule a closing to take title to the Property in November, 2014, and the Seller’s attorney sent a letter purporting to terminate the Contract of Sale, and

Whereas the Board considered the basis for the termination of the Contract of Sale to be insufficient to allow the Seller to terminate the Contract of Sale and has tried over a period of nearly two years to prevail upon the Seller to meet his contractual obligation as to the condition of the Property required under the Contract of Sale in order for a closing to occur, and

Whereas, the lack of substantial progress in bringing about a closing caused the Board to consider alternative locations for the site of a new library building earlier this year, and 

Whereas, the Board has determined that one or more other sites warrant further consideration, which will take additional time, and that it is not in the Library’s best interest to purchase the Property at this time,

Now, therefore, be it resolved that the Board accepts Seller’s prior termination of the Contract of Sale, as a result of which there is neither an obligation to sell the Property nor an obligation to purchase the Property, and directs its attorneys to so advise the attorney for the Seller.  Resolution was made by Luz Ledesma and seconded by David Padilla; all others were in favor.



→ Motion to adjourn at 8:14 PM was made by Karen Adamson and seconded by Luz Ledesma; all others were in favor. 



Respectfully submitted by:





Donna Ebanks



Attachments filed with original: Agenda 

Bookkeeper’s Report 

Circulation Statistics