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PPL       Finding Something on the 'net, how to....
Our Site has hundreds of links on dozens of pages. Our web site provides frequently used links arranged by subject.

On the Alphabetical list of Subjects page, We tried to provide an alphabetical list of the most popular subjects. Under Autos, at the top, there are  links to Edmunds, the Kelly Blue Book and Car and Driver Magazine, etc. There are links in subject order to many popular topics.

"Children's Room" links to a page with lots of links for and about children. Ditto Seniors, etc...

There are also fast links on our home page and whole pages of links on topics like News, Magazines, Genealogy, Education, Shopping etc.

The Internet has tens of millions of computers attached to it. And dozens of Search Engines. To find something on the Internet- Toyota's web pages, info on roof construction, or facts about a person, you can use a Search Engine: websites where searchable indexes of the web are located.  We placed links to them on our home page.

To do a complete search, you need to use at least 3 search engines: Google, Alta Vista, and Yahoo.

There are specialized Search Engines to find special things. But most things can be found with just 3 Search Engines.  Don't use "natural language search engines" like Ask Jeeves These don't work very well.

Read the instructions for each search engine to learn How to do a search.

Advanced searching can eliminate "garbage" results, but can also screen out things you do want. Do searches both ways.

One special search engine is our library catalog. Another is our Home Access link for Magazine and Newspaper articles: only for our library card holders.

Not everything is on the Internet!

Only "Free" stuff is!

Some of what you might want is not on the web, but you can get to it through the web. Our Home Access databases can get magazine and newspaper articles that are restricted from free access. Use your Library Card as a password. There is also some data you have to ask your librarian for. We pay for this for you.
Reference Questions answered by a human- FREE Some things you can't find. Local events make it to newspapers, but not databases. You have to look through back issues in person. 

We are ready, willing, and able to help. We like finding out too. Just ask us! 

Phone: 883-7286.