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Grand Prize Winner

Mei Shu Cui


            I learned to read English when I was 9 because I came from China.  When I started learning English, I didn’t even know the alphabet, so English was very hard for me at that time.


I go to Plattekill Elementary School.  In my school, we have a special class called E.S.L.  This class is for helping people to learn English.  I remember once that since I didn’t know how to spell my name, I had to go back and forth to my desk to get my name in the computer because there was a sticker on my desk that spelled my name.  Once, in second grade (when I just came to America), I needed to go to the bathroom.  We have a sign that says “boys” and another sign that says “girls”, but I couldn’t read so I took the boy’s sign and went to the boy’s bathroom.  When I came back, the teacher showed me that I was supposed to take the girl’s one.  I was so embarrassed.  In E.S.L. they show me a picture and say a word, and that’s how I learned to read.  They have after school programs, too.


            Reading means a lot to me.  I love reading.  It is really fun.  It could be scary, happy, romantic and other things.  Also, you can learn a lot from reading a book.  Sometimes when a book is really interesting, I don’t even want to put the book down, I just want to finish it.


            If you can read, at least you will not get mixed up with the girl’s and boy’s signs.


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