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Middle School Entry Winner

Ashley Kessler


            Kindergarten was supposed to me one of the most exciting years of school but to me, it didnít seem like it would ever be that way. I had just moved to a new home in a new school district with no friends.  What made it significantly worse was that I had a mean, old teacher.  She was nasty and should have been a sixth grade teacher but needed to fill in.  As class progressed, we were starting to learn our first steps of reading. I didnít like reading with the class and the malicious teacher.


            One day, I came home from school and sitting on my dresser was an appealing book.  It was filled with all sorts of pictures and words that I had not yet understood.  That night, my mom tucked me in and opened my brand new book.  She didnít read the book, she sang it to me so that I would learn all the words and phrases.  I sang the songs in school, at lunch, in gym and going home in the car.


            The day after, another huge book was sitting on my dresser.  It was filled with rhymes and stories such as Humpty Dumpty, Mary Had a Little Lamb and my favorite, The Wheels on the Bus.  With all three hundred pages, my mom read about three or four to me each night, learning more words than ever.  Then, just about any time I went to school, I had a new song and could read a little better each day.  A couple of kids liked my songs and wanted to learn them so I brought my book into school.  Pretty soon, the whole class, including the teacher, knew most of my songs. I made more friends each day.  To this day, I still have the book, and when my sister was in kindergarten, I sang those songs to her.  Ever since kindergarten, I loved reading and singing.

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