Plattekill Public Library: Annual Report to the Community 2013


These are a few of the questions we try to answer with our Report to the Community every year. Libraries are difficult to evaluate; we try to measure satisfaction by attendance, and pay attention to every comment, good and bad.

We care; in part, because we are not a detached, remote entity that deals only with one small segment of the public. We are YOUR library. We are your neighbors and  friends. We take our responsibilities seriously.

We wonder if people understand how and why things work in a Library. We hope this report will answer your questions. If you have more, just call us or drop on in.

Report Text         2012 Budget Details (by line item)         Library Value Calculator

The Report link above is a version of the mailing we did the week of July 29th. It has no photographs or newsletter formatting.

One other change is that we combined two lines of expenditures on the mailed version compared to the 2012 Budget Details to save space on the mailing.

If you did not receive the Report in the mail, please let us know ASAP so that we may include you in the future. You can pick up a copy of the Report at the Library during our regular hours.

The Report is about the Library during the 2012 fiscal year. The 2012 Budget Details show expenditures by designated line items, and lets you compare the major categories of the previous year (2011) and the current (2013) budgets.

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