Plattekill Public Library

Board of Trustees

April 12, 2018


The meeting was called to order at 7:03 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance.


Present were: Lynne Ridgeway, President; Valerie Smith, Vice President; Luz Ledesma, Trustee; Karen Adamson, Trustee; Will Farrell, Trustee; David Padilla, Trustee; John Georghiou, Director; Barbara Jacobini; Treasurer; Donna Ebanks, Secretary.

Joe Egan was excused.

Public: Plattekill Town Councilman Darryl Matthews


Public Comment: None


Correspondence: None


Secretary’s Report:

        Motion to accept the March 8, 2018 regular Board meeting minutes was made by Luz Ledesma and seconded by Will Farrell; all others were in favor.


Financial Report:

Barbara reviewed the financial report for the Board.

Nugent & Haeussler are still working on the audit, 990 and AUD forms. To date, N&H has not received signed confirmation letters from all Board members.  All Board members must return their signed letters in order for the audit report to be completed.


The Budget & Finance Committee met on March 13, 2018; minutes were previously distributed via email.


The Budget & Finance Committee recommends the following:


        Motion to add $26,250 to the 2018 budget as recommended by the Budget & Finance Committee; all were in favor.


        Motion to open a checking account with $1000 to start a contingency fund was made by Will Farrell and seconded by Luz Ledesma; all others were in favor.


        Motion to approve payment of the bills pending audit was made by Luz Ledesma and seconded by Will Farrell; all others were in favor.


        Motion to approve the March payroll was made by Valerie Smith and seconded by Karen Adamson; all others were in favor.


The next meeting of the Budget & Finance Committee will be on April 16.


Director’s Report:

The Director’s report was read and discussed.

John noted that Detectives from the Plattekill Police Department presented on active shooter preparedness for the staff.   The Detectives recommended the Director, along with staff, create a safety plan for implementation in an active shooter event.  John discussed the need for consulting with a security firm for recommendations on making doors bullet proof and resistant to intrusion and the possibility of using potential grant money for this purpose.


        Motion to make Michael Drago a permanent part-time clerk was made by Valerie Smith and seconded by Luz Ledesma; all others were in favor.         


Committee Reports:



Grounds Committee note:

Will reported that a local Girl Scout troop would like to plant flowers in the parking lot area where the flag pole is located.


Unfinished Business:

All reviews of policies have been submitted, however, Joe has questions regarding the   Continuity of Operations Policy Policy Committee will schedule a meeting to discuss this specific policy.


New Business:

There was no Friends Liaison report as they did not meet in March.     

Joe, Luz, Valerie and Will, attended the MHLS Financial & Fiduciary workshop that was presented in March.


                    Motion to enter into Executive Session with our Attorney and Director for the

                        purpose of discussing: (1) negotiations regarding the purchase/sale of real estate

where disclosure could affect the parcel’s value and, (2) a matter involving potential litigation was made at 7:50pm by Valerie Smith and seconded by Luz Ledesma; all others were in favor.


The Board came out of Executive Session at 8:24pm.


                    Motion by David Padilla: Lynne Ridgeway and William Farrell will accompany    

                        Robert Schofield in negotiating with the Town regarding the potential purchase

                        of property. Seconded by Luz Ledesma; Motion passed, with all in favor.




Trustee Karen Adamson submitted a letter of resignation dated April 12, 2018.



            Meeting adjourned at 8:33pm.




Respectfully submitted by:

Donna Ebanks