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EAGLE SCOUT PROJECT: details on file at the Library.

Our community is continually enriched by Eagle Scout projects. The latest is to  provide an outdoor exercise facility at the Town Park.

You can support this project through donations and involvement.

August Newsletter

Did you know that if you want a book we don't have, you can ask us to get it, sometimes much sooner than if you just place a hold on it?


2018 Plattekill Library Community Report


Overall: The Plattekill Library is one of 3 public libraries in the Town; our district’s taxpayers have the lowest property tax of the three. We have a smaller budget, but manage a larger Summer Reading program.

Our need is for a building that provides adequate space and ADA compliance for our patrons to use. To that end, we have a capital fund of $206,000. We also are attempting to fully fund an emergency reserve for several months operating expenses. the last two years of budgets have seen no tax increase, and preceding increases were within the 2% Tax Cap.

This past year’s Library data was reported to the state in February, and here are some selected highlights:


Print Materials: We have 18,218 Books in total. 9,639 for adults and 8,579 Children’s.
Electronic Materials: Downloadable, 2,802 audios and 1,763 videos. DVDs: 1,763.
In 2017, we added 1,618 books, with other materials, for a total addition of 4,173 items.
Patrons: There are 2,637 registered borrowers, with a service to bring items to the homebound and a returns drop at Aloha Acres. We are also registered for services to the blind and disabled.  Our patrons borrowed 21,745 items, including 6,648 through us from our other libraries. 
Programs: 40 programs for adults, 14 for Teens, and 166 for our Children. In total, there were 289 programs with an attendance of 4,326, including 1,250 adults, and 2,282 children.
Finances: The taxpayers provided $446,257, the same as the previous year. Other income included $1,499 from Gifts and Endowments and $2,662 in Fees and Charges, for a total of $5,089. 
Expenditures totaled $464,824. Of that, was for $246,348 was for salaries, $101,097 for all payroll costs, FICA, Insurance, etc., $31,139 for materials, $22,588 for professional fees, and $10,034 for supplies. 
The staff that provides these services totals 6 full-time equivalents, as most are part time employees. In fact, even what we call full-time employees are actually working less than the 40 hour a week standard everyone is used to. Only 3 employees get a Medical plan.

Salaries and payroll expenses are nominal as in non-profits they are generally 3/4 of the expenditures. The budget line for salaries has not been exceeded in years. 

Personal Note: This year we lost the services two of our library family.

Barbara, who did the twice-weekly StoryHours and the monthly Readalouds for the past 16 years,  requested a leave of absence, and left in June.

Karen Adamson, who started as an elected Trustee many years ago, and who volunteered, with her late husband, Doug, to fix up the library, (Karen painted the Children's Room bookshelves blue, and Doug put up the carpeting on the sides of the stairwell.) and served with grace and dignity as a Trustee.

Our thanks to both of them, and to all the others who served our community over the decades.


The entire NYS Report is available at the NYS Library website.

Use the Link to Find Your Public Library, and then  Bibliostat Connect.