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Audits for FY 2013 - FY 2015


Federal 990 Forms


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2013 Audit:  Nugent and Haeussler Audit 2013  

2014 Audit:  Nugent and Haeussler Audit 2014

2015 Audit   Nugent and Haeussler Audit 2015

2012 Federal 990 form

2013 Federal 990 form

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2015 Budget  2014 and previous budgets


The Library responds to the audits:



The Library has engaged a well-respected firm of Certified Public Accountants familiar with government accounting standards and, specifically, public library operations, to check and assist us in refining our procedures to ensure regulatory compliance. 

This is the second year in a row we have done so. This letter covers the Audits of 2013 and 2014. Both audits are available on our website in PDF format. 

While New York State increases regulation and, therefore, the cost of compliance, we continue to alter our procedures and policies to maintain compliance, ensure proper use of public funds, and provide the taxpayers with transparency and openness in our operations. 

Auditors uncover procedural problems and offer suggestions to improve our processes. We take their recommendations seriously and take actions necessary and proper in every regard. After the first Audit of FY 2013, additional procedures were implemented and the Trustees created policies to clarify our financial operations.

Specific Issues:

We note that in FY 2013, expenditures for salaries were $15,000 under the budgeted amount; this was the 4th year of no increase in the salaries line item, and, when added to other personnel  costs (benefits, FICA, NYSRS, and other government mandated costs), this totaled 68% of the budget, well below the industry standard of 75%. 

For FY 2014 there was no salary increase, and the tax levy increase of 1.5% was entirely dedicated to increased regulatory compliance and mandates from government.

Although the audits had no negative comments, there were several suggestions, including that we revise our procedures to improve documentation of expenditures.


The Library has sufficient policies and procedures in place to ensure proper fiscal controls. The Director, Staff and Trustees are open to changes and supportive of suggestions for continuing to improving accountability and transparency by adopting “Best Practices” rather than simply meeting current regulatory requirements.

The Library is adopting the "Best Practice", as required for School Districts, of appointing an official Treasurer that is not an elected member of the Board of Trustees.