2018 and 2019 Budgets

2018 Statement.

Due to changes in the staff, budgeting improvements suggested by the state audit, and a grant from Senator Larkin, the Library is not requesting an increase in the tax levy for 2018.

Voters approve changes in the Tax Levy at yearly votes. We present our budget so you can see what your taxes fund.

For this year, 2017, we have no tax levy vote, but want you to see the budget as it is presented and revised.

We are repeating the 2017 budget amount for 2018. After acceptance, and in an April revision, an additional $26,250 was transferred in from unexpended funds to meet the expected expenses.

2019 Statement.

Voters approved the proposed 2019 budget with an increase of $6,500,
approximately $12,000 under the Tax Cap allowance.